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Tutoring available for Bond Psychometric Test and Medicine Interview Tutoring - contact me.

Bond Psychometric Test

The Bond University Psychometric Test is a two-part online examination held in early February every year. Successful candidates who have preferenced Bond University as #1 on their QTAC applications using an ATAR/GPA (or combination of the two) will receive an offer to sit the psychometric test.

The Bond Psychometric Test is a 2 hour timed monitored examination, and you will need a functioning microphone and webcam.

Upon passing the Bond Psychometric Test, candidates are then selected for the Bond Medical Program Interview, the final hurdle in gaining an entry into the Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine degree.

The increasingly noticeable trend over the past 6 years has been pointing to an important need for preparation and subsequently, it has become a key component in passing the Bond Psychometric Test.

My past students have given feedback on how helpful the tutoring session has been in familiarising them with how to approach the exam and what to expect on the day of the psychometric test.

Feel free to read my article linked below on Tips to Ace a Psychometric Personality Test, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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